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Second Ribs

We decided to try St. Louis Ribs again and to also try some Beef Back Ribs since we’d never had them before.

First we removed the silver skin on the bottom of the ribs by using a case knife to pry it up and then grabbing it with paper towels and ripping it off.

We then wiped down the inside of the Big Easy Electric Smoker Roaster (BEESR) with olive oil.

We put salt and pepper on both sides of the ribs.  We put the rib hangers through the ribs and hung them in the basket with the bone towards the outside of the basket.

Put some pecan wood chips in the smoker box then turned on the BEESR and ran it on 15 for 15 mins or soe til it started smoking.

Put basket in BEESR.

Run on 15 for 30 mins.

Pull out, wrap in Heavy Duty tin foil, 2 layers. Put upright in basket on shelf 2 levels up from bottom.

Run at 15 for another 45 mins.

Remove them from foil, re-hang them, put some Famous Daves BBQ sauce on them, then put the basket back in the BEESR for 10 mins.

Pulled them out and cut them apart with a knife.  The beef ones were pretty decent and had more meat on them than we expected but we still liked the St. Louis ones much better.  Plus the St. Louis ones were cheaper.  Definitely going to stick to the St. Louis ones instead of the beef ones.


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