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Char-Broil Big Easy Electric Smoker and Roaster

We’ve wanted a smoker for a while but we didn’t think we would get our moneys worth out of one for the amount of times we thought we would use it.  Plus, having to deal with the charcoal didn’t sound like much fun to me (I’m more of a gas grill kinda person).  So year after year went by with no smoker.

This year, I was walking through Lowes and saw an electric smoker for $99.  I hadn’t realized that they made electric ones nor did I realize they sold them for that low.  So I went home and did some research.   Not a lot of people liked the one they were selling for $99 but the next one up for $139 got great reviews.  I decided to go with the Char-Broil Big Easy Electric Smoker and Roaster.  Char-Broil sells it for $199 but I got it at Lowes for $139.

The first thing to do is season it.  We took some vegetable oil (bottle from the grocery store, says vegetable oil), poured a little bit at a time onto a washcloth, and rubbed it all over the inside of the smoker as well as the top of the inside.  Lined up the two holes in the side of the inside with the smoker box and turned the power setting to 15.  We let that run until it stopped smoking (30 minutes or so).  When it was done, this is what it looked like:


Now to start posting about some of the great food that’s come out of that thing.

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